Pixel logo design philosophy

Pixel logo Design History

We have been designing and creating logos for over 30 years, and we have always loved the process of exploring new ideas and designing. After years of working for design agencies, we wanted to venture out on our own, so that's when Pixel logo design company was founded. Initially, to have an outlet of logo ideas and concepts, since we could not wait for the right client to come and knock on our door for a logo design project, we wanted to create logos nonetheless as if we had those clients or projects. We loved challenging ourselves and solving problems, and create exciting new logo design solutions. By creating and posting our logos for sale online, Pixel logo designs started to take a life of its own. We received a lot of good feedback praise from our clients, and that pushed us on forwards. Sometimes our ideas were not spot on for the client's needs, but working with them and creating new solutions, pushed our designs further, it made us rethink our logo ideas. As this process went on, we felt we might be on the right track and wanted to explore the idea of producing and selling pre-designed logos. That's how pixel logo designs started getting popular.

We do believe all logos should be custom designed for each client and with each client's needs and message in mind. We do understand the concept of having your logo tailor-made to your needs. But the process of having your logo designed by a designer and getting that perfect logo is easier said than done.

We don't claim to have all the logo design solutions for all types of businesses, nor we claim we have all the answers, neither does anyone else. Logo design is a process and collaboration between designer and client; it's not a technical spec or a mathematical equation to be solved. Its much more complex equation than that, it's gathering a lot of information, understanding the client, their needs, message, and taste. It's a lot of research, not time spent by looking at others logos; it's by looking more closely at clients business.

Also studying and dissecting the information the client provides which makes a big difference in the final design, and a lot of customers do not know how to communicate what they are looking for, It's up to us to find out the answers.

There are a lot of designers and design studios who claim they can do a perfect job and make all your logo dreams come through. But you only find out the truth after you have paid a lot of money and when you see the first draft of the designs, you realize you have been had.


What Makes Pixel Logo Designs unique

Every designer or design company has a unique style; the same goes for pixel logo designs. We constantly hear about our designs style as "clean", we understand what our clients mean when they say that but that's not our mindset when we are designing logos, a logo has to be clean looking on most cases to deliver a sharp message or have that recognizability in small spaces. When its clean its easily legible, so we do take it as a compliment.


How does Pixel Logo Designs work?

We have designed a large catalog of pre-designed logos or logo templates for customers to browse and find a logo that matches their businesses. If a customer cannot find the business logo that matches their niche, we can custom design a logo for them on spec. Of course, pricing is different for custom logo design because the amount time we dedicate to research and design.


How do Pixel Logo 3D designs are different from the rest?

First thing first, Pixel logo 3D designs are created in a 3D environment, meaning they are designed in actual 3D software and not just in a 2D design application. When a logo is designed in 2d, you only have one side of the logo, the logo cannot be rotated, lite differently or animated, and the textures are limited. Logos that are created in a digital 3D environment, possibilities to manipulate the logo is limitless. The logo can be rendered from any angle but still keep its identity, The colors, textures and lighting property can be changed and adjusted and animated at the same time.


Where does Pixel logo get their design inspiration?

To create an original logo concept we avoid looking at other logos for inspiration, this is a common mistake most amateur logo designers make when creating a logo. The issue with of inspiring from other logos is the unconscious mind, the logos we see make a strong impression in our unconscious, and when we are doodling and sketching, those same ideas come to mind, and our impression is that we came up with that idea, It's unavoidable. To avoid those mistakes, we concentrate on clients business and look into the details of what they do to see what is the strongest element that defines their business, once we find the defining element, we start sketching and designing. To get inspired and create new design directions, we look at any other creative fields to see new design lines and design language like architecture, Engineering, fashion, graphic design in general, products design and of course listening to new music. Looking everywhere else besides logo design catalogs, enriches our design language and pushes us to see different.