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What are Pixel logos?

Pixel logos have become a trend in the past 10 years or more, designers at all industries started integrating them in their artwork as a pattern or a texture to bring digital technology look into their image or artwork. This trend started getting stronger over the years by all sorts of industries that started transferring their technology to digital, and what better way to showcase or define digital technology then by pixels. Pixels define the idea of breaking an image into millions of tiny pieces to transfer that information into a computer software, to work with a an manipulate. By breaking down images or media in millions of tiny squares and with softwares such as photoshop, all of sudden we had a lot of our power under our fingertips when it came to image manipulation.

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History of Pixels and Pixel Logos

Pixellation have become a familiar pattern to designers and non designers alike. People relate to them and it also looks cool. Ever since the introduction of Photoshop, designers and graphic enthusiasts have been magnifying, pushing, blurring and manipulating pixels in ways we were not able before. Initially pixels were looked upon as degradation or low resolution of an image where you see pixels that stop defining the image and instead becomes tiny squares. Here is a video of the history of Pixels.

Pixel logo designs

This is a fresh collection of Pixel logo designs for digital artists, photo retouchers and digital studios in general. These logo designs are meticulously created to reflect today's digital artists use of digital software, and today's digital technology advances. Pixels designs reflect the new technology trends perfectly. With the explosion of Smartphones with Digital Cameras and amazing advances of Digital Cameras in general, we were bound to have a graphic representation of this new technology. Pixels represent that trend entirely.
If you are 3D Artist, 3D animator, professional photo retoucher and or use photoshop or any other photo manipulation software to create artworks, Pixel logo designs are perfect to represent your business. We have kept in mind the different types of companies and created our collection accordingly; we are especially proud of our 3D Pixel logo designs which works well for animation studios, or video editing and manipulation production companies. We have also created a series of pixel wave logos which represent the technological new trend perfectly. 

Pixel logo collection

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