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Electric E

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High tech 3D E with Metal Dots Logo is ideal for Electrical engineering company, electrician, power efficiency, high tech companies, engineering firms, power source companies, electric generators and more

Logo Size: 10"x10" 300dpi
Formats: Photoshop layer, jpeg.

What are logo templates?

Logo templates are pre-made logo designs that you can purchase and customize and start using it straight away. Color, size, shape and layout can be modified.

Can you Personalize the logo for us?

Yes, we have a basic customization service that you can add to your logo and specify your changes, for an additional $29 we can customize the company name, color and font and send a sample for you to approve within 24 hours. 

Can you Customize the logo design?

Since all the designs in our catalog is designed by us, we can customize them any way you wish. If you want more extensive changes to the design, add some element, combine 2 logo concepts etc., please contact us with your ideas and we'll give you our feedback and a quote.

What file formats are the logo templates provided in?

- Vector eps logo designs are provided in .psd (layers), .eps, .ai, .pdf, .jpeg,
- 3D photoshop logo designs are provided in .psd (layers), .jpeg.

What Currency do you guys charge with?

We charge in US dollars. To switch to your local currency, please change the currency setting located on top black bar,

What are "Non-Exclusive" logo templates?

Non-exclusive logo templates are logos that are available for sale for more than once. In other words, we don't remove these logo templates from our catalogue after you've made your purchase.

Can I buy a non-exclusive logo template and resell it exclusively?

No, We retain the copyright to all non-exclusive designs, selling a non exclsuive logo exclusively will be an infringement on our copyrights and would be subject to penalties.

What is an Exclusive logo?

Exclusive logos are sold once and removed from our catalog, you will  fully own the logo. After purchase, we will provide a letter of transfer copyright ownership.

Can I get a letter of ownership for Exclusive logo templates?

By purchasing an Exclusive Logo from our catalog, you’ll then have the right to copyright the logo. If you need an additional letter of confirmation, we would gladly provide you a copyright release/transfer letter.

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