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3D Logo TypeMaker Overview

We have developed a series of 3D type designs that we can make almost any text or company name with these effects. 3D logo Typemaker is not an automated graphics generator; these designs are designed with different industries and effects in mind. To get these types of interesting and professional effects, you need a designer to help you complete your vision, some things do not come with short cuts.


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What is 3D TypeMaker?

3D TypeMaker a set of pre-designed solutions as you can see in our collection here that you can pick from, or get inspired from to have us apply it to your company or product logo. To make customers visualize what is possible, we have created these samples. This makes it easier for customers to point and explain what they like in design and effects and pick out their preferences. Once we understand your project we give you our feedback, advise you what would work best and give you a quote.


3D Text Formats and resolution

Once the 3D text is built for the logo, we render the 3D type in any resolution you would like, there are no limitations, simply specify your resolution before we do the final render. The final files are provided in Photoshop Layer formats with a transparent background. Some color layers are provided with the logo; Although these type of 3D logo Types are best presented in Photoshop layer format, we can do a basic vectorization of the logo for different projects necessities. Make sure to specify your needs before the project is quoted.


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3D logo Maker Materials and Textures

There is almost nothing we can't do when it comes to textures. Over the years we have worked with many challenging projects and have always found a way to create the right texture for the logo. We have also mastered the lighting of those textures to bring the right elements of the logo forward.


Technology text logo - 3D logo Maker

3D logo Type Font Options

Almost all fonts could work, of course, some better than others. Our years of experience have thought us that bolder fonts work better for making a 3D TypeMaker. Tell us about your project and show your favorite typeface and let us give you our feedback.


Lighting text logo - 3D logo Maker


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3D Type and Graphic Elements 

If your company name or product name needs an extra element or graphic to complete the project, we can incorporate basic or complex elements too. We understand the importance of these additional elements to the project; we can overlap over the 3D logotype or push it behind the text to create the right effect.


Gaming 3D text logo - 3D logo Maker | Pixellogo


Software 3D text logo - 3D logo Maker | Pixellogo

3D logo Type Transparency

We recommend transparency only when its necessary to the project, glass or gel type textures create an amazing effect to the logo but complicate the project quite a bit too. We would be more than happy to advise you on the right textures and effects.


Ancient 3D text logo - 3D logo Maker | Pixellogo

 Worn Out Texture Effects

3D logos and 3D types do not only come in glossy textures; we can weather out a design and create an old world feeling by applying dust, scratches, water damage and rust to bring out the right message. To see some great examples, please  see the ideas we created with Harley Davidson logo.


Radio 3D text logo - 3D logo Maker | Pixellogo

To Start Your 3D Type project please contact us.