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We have been designing gaming logos since 1995 when computer gaming was exploding on the scene. Back then there was no iPads or iPhones, most of the games were played on the computer or TV monitor with X box or PlayStation. Even though computers games were not new even for back then, but the popularity was always growing rapidly.

Gaming logos do have a certain look and style that's different than other logos. Gaming logos do need to be informative in a sense and show the excitement of the game. Game logos are similar to movie logos but have more emphasis on the fantasy side. Since gaming is done on monitors and tv screens, there was never much need for a flat gaming logo. Almost all gaming logos are designed in 3D, because one thing that all games are striving for is realism. To convey that message that their games are more realistic, 3rd dimension played an essential role in the logo design.


3D logo Collection

To accommodate the great demand for gaming logo, we set out to design a great collection. The logos are mostly designed for game developers, game designers, bloggers, news outlets, Gaming retail outlets, hobbyists, gamers in general, gaming apps, gaming software and just generally any gaming related business. We have a large collection of 3D gaming logos as well as vector designs. The colors and designs are almost always inspired by some game or new technology effects. Some of our logos also show some movement, which is an important element to showcase in a gaming collection, here are some examples, to see our full collection, please click on the button below.

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3D gaming logos were no-brainers and just too much fun to design, there was no need for another choice. This suited our design style just perfectly, we loved design in 3D and loved the fun and free spirit of the gaming industry. We let our imagination go, and we started designing more and more over the top logo designs. The crazier and more exciting the logo gaming logos got, the better the game looked on game packages, cd covers, and promotional materials. Yes, games did come on CDs back then, the internet was not fast enough for a download. These were exciting times to be a young designer and have a lot of freedom to design from your imagination. Most design agencies are serious companies and take themselves and their work too seriously, but not the gaming industry.

There were not too many of us either; most graphic designers were trained traditionally, a lot of designers did not know how to use graphic software, they were just transitioning from traditional methods to digital. The 3d software was not as ubiquitous as now; Illustrators painted gaming artwork on paper or canvas using acrylic or oil. Illustrators did not utilize computers yet for their illustration, mainly because there were not too many great painting software for painting. Wacom Tablet was just developing their tiny tablets. If there was any major change in the gaming artwork, the illustrator had to go back to the board and re-paint the whole thing again.