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Free Fonts: Western Style

Free Fonts

Today's featured fonts, courtesy of FontXS, are in Western style perfect for any projects in the old school trend. The fonts vary from a distressed look to more stylized types with little details. You can find and download more free fonts in this style from FontXS. Enjoy!

Bleeding Cowboy


Anderson Four Feathers



Anderson Thunderbirds Are Go!


Vanilla Whale



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FontXS Free Fonts: Stencil Style

Free Fonts

Today's featured fonts, courtesy of FontXS are in the stencil style. From distressed type to serif font stencil and bold geometric shapes, this fonts are great for digital design as well for print and for actual cut out stencils. You can find more in the same style in the stencil category at FontXS, enjoy!


84 Rock

Pencil Stencil






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Free Fonts: paint brush style

Free Fonts

This week we're featuring free fonts that have a brush stroke style. As always, you can download them for free from FontXS where you can find more in the same category. The types featured today range from a grunge style with distressed ink spots to more stylized types perfect for changing up the fonts for your designs!




Brushtip Travis

Bottle Depot


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Featured Free Fonts: Calligraphic Types

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Today's free fonts from FontXS are calligraphic styled typographies. This set of fancy types are perfect for your designs, varying from simple stroked to frakture-style. You can find more fonts in this style here.

Chopin Script



Jane Austen

Quid Pro Quo


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Featured free fonts of the week

Free Fonts Freebies

This time we're featuring distressed free fonts that you can find at FontXS . This style of fonts are ideal for any kind of designs that need a grunge look to them and would look really cool in some kind of typographic poster giving the different textures they have . They are all available for download, so enjoy and have fun using them in your projects!

DCC Distressed


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