10 Incredible Novelty Fonts

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Every designer needs to have a decent collection of novelty fonts. Novelty fonts obviously can't be used in every design however, they are often just what you need to add that extra flair to your work. Excellent for headlines, novelty fonts can really help to add personality and radiance to your work.

Here are 10 incredible novelty fonts that I came across this week on the Internet. They are some really striking typefaces that anyone can use to spice up their next designs. I hope that you have a lot of fun with them. Enjoy!


This is a great chalk font that was created by Pablo Caro of Nuevo Studio. He based Tiza's design on a lovely slab-serif font called Giza.
tiza font


This is a great font created by Swedish art director Jakob Nylund. He is the founder and type designer of Just-My-Type (form conspiracy) which has created 8 creative and unique fonts thus far. Soraya is a half serif and half sans serif capital letters font.
Soraya font


Tusj is a fantastic handwritten font created by Formfett.net. It is based on Georgia Bold and it works best at large sizes.
tusj 01


This fabulous font was designed by KalleGraphics and it is based on Nick Curtis' font Anagram.
Kilogram font


This is another great font created by Jakob Nylund.
align big


Created by Tyler Finck, this font comes in two different styles: Midnight (solid) & 2AM (reversed).

Blackout font


This is a great font created by Alexander Nedelev & Veronika Slavova of TypeDepot. It is a"highly legible typeface very well suited for any display and text use - web, print especially for magazines, brochures, logos, posters, flyers and motion graphics."

piron typeface


Another fabulous sleek font designed by the great designers at the TypeDepot.

glide font


This great font was designed by Darim Kim.

quadranta typeface


Created by Haley Fiege, this rounded playful font is great for headlines.

Sniglet typeface

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