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Hand lettering logos by Sergio Shapiro

Abstract logo templates Design & Style

Here are some great examples of artistic lettering by Sergio Shapiro from Moscow. Sergio's lettering style shows great range, he does not paint himself in the corner with one style, he keeps his style very versatile, each logo or lettering hand written in a very unique way to express the clients identity. Subtle differences in lines and the way they are...

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Pixellogo News: Year End Sale!

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We got some great news for you here at Pixellogo: we're having our Year End Sale that starts off today, everything in our catalog with 20% off! It's the perfect time to stock up on great designs. Our catalog abounds with exclusive and non-exclusive logo designs, business card templates and stationary designs. All of our catalog's products are on sale, as well as custom projects that you can...

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Pixellogo template review: Logo-1935

Abstract logo templates

We're showcasing featured posts that review the logo templates of our catalog. Today's logo template review is about Logo-1935, a colourful abstract design to bright up your brand's image.

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Pixellogo template review: Logo 3D-670

Abstract logo templates Logo Templates

We're starting a new set of featured posts that are going to showcase and review the logo templates of our catalog. This time the template in case is a very modern 3D design.

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Abstract logo templates

Abstract logo templates

Abstract logo templates offer the advantage of selecting a logo design that can be applicable to any business. It's literally up to the taste of the client.

Luckily, at Pixellogo we have one of the largest abstract logo template collection in the industry, all of them very well received by our clients.

Some good examples of the Pixellogo Abstract Logo templates are:

Pixellogo 3D-562 Abstract logo3D-562

Pixellogo Logo-1997 Abstract logoLogo-1997

Pixellogo 3D-451 Abstract logo3D-451

Pixellogo 3D-482 Abstract logo3D-482


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