15 Tremendous Architecture Logos

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15 Tremendous Architecture Logos

Architecture has always fascinated me and I have always looked up to and admired architects. If you need an architect, how would you know who to hire? What would be the first thing to catch your eye and influence your choice of an architect to build your home, your store or your office building? 

The answer is the architect’s logo. A logo is essential to every business and it is often the first thing that your clients see and it has enormous influence over whether someone decides to hire you or not. A good logo must be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and of course, relevant. Specifically for the field of architecture, your logo should convey to your clients that you indeed do have a good sense of style and design. Your logo should also show your clients that you are professional, confident and trust-worthy.

Below are 15 Examples of Tremendous Architecture Logos.  I think that all of the logos below are excellent examples of what an architecture logo should be like. Some of the below logos are available for purchase while others are just meant to inspire you and to give you some ideas and direction that you can use in your own architecture logo design. Enjoy!

Modern Architecture 


Simple, modern and bold. This logo is for an international event held in 2011 that specialized in architecture, interior and landscape design.


Abstract, simple and memorable. I like how overlay is used as a tool in this logo design. 

GSC Builders

modern home logo

Modern Architecture

Bridge Point Consulting 

Modern Bridge logo

Classic and simple logo design. It gives me confidence in the architects as they likely have a long-standing tradition and history in the architecture business. 

Meyer Arch

Great use of the M and A in the company name to come up with something that is interesting and definitely architecture inspired. 


Golden Ratio

Golden ration

The Golden Ratio is so powerful in design. I love how this logo uses this symbol to represent intelligence, ingenuity and innovation. 

Gil Turner Arquitectos

Smart logo design.

ATA Arquitectura

Modern and captivating logo design

3D Interior Design 

This logo is very modern and perfect for an architect that wants to let his/her customers know that he/she is cutting-edge. 

Lui Porto


Smart, modern and abstract architecture logo design. 

Form Architects

Simple, distinct and poignant logo design. Very professional. 

TAFF Arquitectos

Classic logo design with a twist.


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