20 Top Lion Logos for small to medium businesses

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Lion Logos

Lions are the kings of the animal kingdom. They are very strong and powerful animals that are continuously admired by humankind. Lions are also a very popular and trendy source of imagery used in logo design and many companies from around the world use lions in their logos. For example, Peugeot, MGM Grand, ING Bank, RBC bank, Saab and Löwenbräu beer all use lions in their logos. Why are lions so popular in logos? Because lion’s represent strength, authority, wisdom, power, royalty, courage, justice and dignity. A lion is the perfect symbol for a company that is powerful, professional and reliable. A lion is also a good symbol to use in a logo if a company is dependable, trust-worthy and reliable.


Lion Logo History

Lion logos always stand for a symbol of strength, nobility and as a leader. Throughout history when countries were governed by kings and Royalty, their flags, crests, and insignia were always designed with lion symbols. Whats a better way to say powerful kingdom, entity or organization by representing with a lion logo rampart. This symbolism has not changed all the much throughout the years; we see it all around us every day, even if there are not many Monarchies who run countries. We see Lion Ramparts on Bank, financial institutions, old family crests, wealth organizations, consultants and we even see them on royal army insignias. The message has not changed much, and it has no reason to. Lion is a powerful, majestic animal and king of the jungle, if your business has those qualities, the same concept of the lion logo design can create in a different style, and it still will exhibit the same noble message. It has been already created in some many throughout the years, and it will still be referred to and designed again in the future. The only difference we have seen is how minimalist it has gotten, and in today's modern age, we find it very appropriate, the fewer lines to convey the same message the better. It makes the whole design more clever and refined.

What qualities do you think of when you see a lion? Do you think that a lion would be a good symbol to use in the logo design for your business?

Lion Logos Collection 

Here are some amazing lion logo designs that I found on the Internet last week. They are all awesome logos that show you how creative you can be with a lion logo symbol depending on the type of business that you are and the types of emotions that you want your clients to feel when they see your company’s logo design. Keep in mind that some of the logos shown below are being used by businesses already while others are available for purchase. If a lion logo is available for purchase, click on the link below the image that says ‘Purchase Now!’.

Lion Logo-1091_0
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blue lion estate lion logo
Blue Lion Estate

Lion head logo | pixellogo

Lionel Logo - investment fund


frederico cattani advocacia lion logo
Frederico Cattani Advocacia

David Ella lion logo
David Ella

Stampa lion logo
Leon Westgate

brewery lion logo
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reaction lion logo

Palazzo Avino lion logo
Palazzo Avino

Investment lion Logo-567_0
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Mayuva diamonds lion logo
Mayuva diamonds

maranatha athletics lion logo
Maranatha athletics

sila lion logo

finance lion logo & investment lion logos
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black lion logo

Black Lion

Print Lowe lion logo

asian renta car lion logo
Asian Renta Car

fashion lion logo
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techlion lion logo


trezee lion logo
Trezee Logo

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