2011: A Font Odyssey

Free Fonts

There are three steps involved in selecting the most appropriate typeface or font for your design project:

1. Figure out if your message is Formal or Casual.
2. Think about what kind of feeling or impression you want the font to convey to your audience.
3. Choose whether the font will be used for Body or Display.

Remember that there are many other factors to consider, including line spacing and line length, that will weigh heavily in your final choice of font for any design project. Here is this week's free font selection!

alte haas grotesk font
Download Alte Haas Grotesk Font

Download Com4T Nuvu Font

comfortaa font
Download Comforta Font

neighbourhood font
Download Neighborhood Font

serifbeta font
Download Serif Beta Font

walkway font
Download Walkway Font

You can ensure the originality of your project with one of the premium fonts from the Pixellogo font collection.

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