2011 Logo Design For Super Bowl XLV

Logo & Brand review

Beginning with Sunday's Super Bowl game, the new logo, which features the Lombardi Trophy, will be, from now on, virtually the same design every season. The only elements of the logo that will change will be the Roman numerals and the stadium backdrop. Mark Waller, chief marketing officer for the NFL, said that this logo will be the permanent design for the Super Bowl, with each host city allowed to regionalize the logo. This is the first time the logo has been monochrome, and some critics are saying that the stark color lessens the impact.


"It's a unique mixture of icons that represents what this whole thing is all about. It's well done," said Bill Lively, the president and CEO of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host committee. "We've approached our mission not just for 45 but for many, many [Super Bowl] games to come."

For 2011, the new logo design features Cowboys Stadium circling around the Lombardi Trophy. For the 2012 NFl season, the logo will incorporate Lucas Oil Stadium in the background.

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