3D Instagram logos - how to create suitable 3D logo textures

3D Instagram logo

Here is a 3D logo project we really enjoyed working on. We have always loved the simplicity of Instagram logo, its so simple yet so effective in communicating the companies message, tell your story with pictures. We wanted to take this simple logo and give it real life textures by making it a 3D logo but never losing the original shape and proportions of the original Instargram logo, but before we go any further, we would like to state that this project was not commissioned by instagram or parent company Meta.
Before we started creating the 3D Instagram logo, we set some rules, the logo shape will not change in any way and the dimensions and proportions will stay exactly the same as original Instagram logo.
3D Gold Instagram logo

 3D Gold Instagram logo for fashion lovers and influencers, this golden texture 

 3D Gold Instagram brings luxurious feel and look to the logo.


3D Wood Instagram logo



3D white Instagram logo



3D Silver Metal Instagram logo



3D Red Instagram logo



Original 3d Instagram logo colors



3D leather Instagram logo



Green 3D Instagram logo



Gold 3D Instagram logo



Diamonds 3D Instagram logo



3D weave Instagram logo



Photography studio chrome 3D Instagram logo



Brown Leather case 3D Instagram logo



Sports Basketball 3D Instagram logo

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