7 Creative 3D Logo Design Ideas You Should Try

3D logos are one of the best ways to create a visually impact logo for your brand. You want to convey the message you want to send by using your logo as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's why having a professional design for your logo is so important. That's why you need a 3D logo.

A 3D logo design is always going to be exciting and creative. From the first 2D logo designs to the most recent ones, they will always be a hit among their clients. When choosing a 3D logo design, most companies will go for 3D logos rather than traditional 2D ones because they are much more exciting and appealing to the eye. 

3D logos are also going to be more memorable, and they are going to get noticed by clients, thus encouraging more of them to contact you. So, if you are looking for a 3D logo design, look no further. Here are some great ideas.

We all have heard of the 3D's: Design, Development and Deployment. But one thing that is missing in the design world is creativity. In the real world, creativity and imagination play a vital role. So, the question arises, what should we do to add some creativity to our designs? The answer is simple. We need to look at some fresh concepts.

This technique has become the best way to promote your brand name in front of potential clients. It might sound easy, but designing a logo is more complicated. To design a good logo, you need to focus on the details. In this article, we're showing you 7 Creative 3D Logo Designs Ideas That You Can Try. So, let's start the discussion right now.

Some of these 3D logos were designed by top designers, and some were designed by users who made these logos for themselves. So, you can use these as a great starting point to develop your 3D logos. So, whether you want to create your 3D logo or you want to use some of these already created 3D logos to inspire you, let's get started:

7 Amazing 3D Logo Design Ideas

Professional UI/UX design services will help you create a memorable logo to enhance a brand's image. A good logo can help consumers connect with a company's products or services and may help increase awareness among potential customers. 

Conversely, a bad logo can harm a company's reputation, so choosing a professional, attractive, unique logo design is important. Here are 7 Creative 3D Logo Designs Ideas You Should Try.


Gold Pyramid Logo

1. Imagery

Imagery is one of the most popular kinds of 3D logos. These 3D logos are perfect for brands that want to communicate their company's message visually. Imagery usually includes an element of fantasy or science fiction, and these elements make them very appealing to people. Some examples of imagery 3D logos include The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix.

Moreover, people love imagery 3D logos because:

  • These logos tend to have a lot of detail and depth. 
  • The designs are interesting because they feature a combination of 3D shapes and flat images. 
  • Imagery 3D logos are usually very colourful. 
  • There are a lot of colours and bright images included in imagery logos.
  • People love the 3D logos because they can imagine what the logo represents, and they can easily visualise the brand's products and services. 
  • These 3D logos make people interested in a brand's message.
  • The Matrix is one of the most popular examples of imagery in 3D logos. 
  • People love this type of logo because they enjoy seeing something like that.

3D Infinity Logo

Classic Icon

Classic icon is a great example of a logo with an icon element. To create a classic logo, you should include a few iconic elements. A classic logo can look elegant and professional. However, if you don't know what an icon is, you should think about a simple image with meaning. Additionally, using UX tools can provide valuable insights into the visual appeal and effectiveness of your logo design. Taking these steps can help you to come up with a logo that represents your company or product. 

For example, a clock represents time, a globe represents the world, a heart represents love, and a tree represents nature. A similar type of image is often used in 3D logos. They are usually very similar to each other. They tend to be single-color logos. There is usually no shading, which makes the logo very clear. 

Moreover, classic icon logos are ideal for brands that want to be seen and recognised. Some of the essentials about classic icons are:

  • The logo is simple, so you don't have to put too much effort into designing it. 
  • The classic icons are ideal for brands that are simple and don't have too many designs. 
  • They are usually easier to remember than other types of logos. 
  • They are easy to create, and they are very affordable.

3D Letter A Logo


Typography is used to create an impact on customers. In particular, a typographic logo gives the company its identity. Therefore, you need to know your target audience to develop typographic logos that suit the target audience.

Moreover, it creates typeface designs and logos that incorporate the type. There are many typefaces available. These typefaces include:

  • Gothic, Italic, Caslon, Futura, Baskerville, Optima, and many others.
  • Typography is used to create logos that combine words with graphic elements. 
  • It will help to attract people to your business and brand. 
  • A similar style of branding can be seen in many places today. 

Many companies sell products that have typography incorporated into their brand name and logo. The most common example of this would be American Apparel. It is a clothing company that sells shirts and other items.

Mercury Logo

Incorporate Realism 

Incorporate Realism is an artistic approach to design and typography that emphasises the actual use of the typeface. It is designing a font using the letters appearing in the final product.

Accordingly, this means that your design should be based on reality. In other words, the design should make sense and be grounded in reality. To put it another way, the design should be credible. Your design should be believable. For instance, if you design a logo, it should have a realistic feel. Ultimately, this will make people think that the logo is actual. It should look like the company you represent has a very good reputation.

3D Cube Logo

Create Depth With Shadows And Highlights

You can make a compelling logo if you follow a simple rule. First, it would help if you created depth. It means that you need to make your logo have shadows and highlights. These are the parts of a logo that are the most important. Shadows are the parts that appear on the sides of the logo. They are dark and can help to create a three-dimensional effect. 

Highlights are the parts that appear on top of your logo. Your highlight and shadow colours must match. If they do, it will create depth. Using different color gradients, you can add shadows and highlights to a design. Gradients can also help to create depth.

Furthermore, a simple logo can be a little boring. It will be less interesting to look at if it doesn't have shadows and highlights. 

  • Shadows and highlights add depth to your designs. 
  • An excellent example of a shadow is the sun. If the sun is shining on a hillside, you can see the shadow of the hillside. This shadow makes the hill seem to be taller than it is. It makes the hill look like it is standing alone in the landscape. 

Another shadow that you can use is the moon. If the moon is shining, you can see the moon's shadow on the landscape. As a result, shadow adds depth to the landscape. The same concept applies to highlights.

3D line logo

Hand-drawn 3D Logos

Hand-drawn 3D Logos are the best ways to promote your business. Drawing a 3D logo will make it much easier for people to understand your message. 

Many software programs allow you to create 3D logos. But you need to have good design skills to use them. You will also need to practice drawing a lot so that you will be able to create a nice 3D logo. 

An excellent way to improve your design skills is to make as many hand-drawn 3D logos as possible. You will learn a lot about design as you draw many of these logos. You will also be able to develop your artistic skills by doing this activity.

Hand-drawn 3D Logos have become increasingly popular since they are simple, affordable, and eye-catching. These logos are simple, easy to make, and inexpensive. It takes a little time and effort to create one. 

We have seen some perfect ones, and they have become popular over the years. However, you have also seen some pretty bad ones. You should not be intimidated by the hand-drawn logo ideas. You need to take a step back and learn how to draw. Then, you can do it, and you will like what you see. 


Logos that feature sensory elements are great for brands that want to connect with their audience emotionally. When creating logos for businesses, it's always a good idea to make sure that the elements of the logo represent the company. 

Some companies use logos with an emotional appeal that helps consumers relate to the brand. You can create these logos with special effects or images representing the company's products. 

In contrast, this logo appeals to the audience and makes them emotionally connect to the brand. For brands trying to convey a sense of luxury or high class, logos that show a luxurious lifestyle can be practical. 

Logos with a high degree of sophistication and class can attract new customers. In addition, logos that are designed with special effects can be used to create a powerful visual impact.

In today's world, it is important to be different. This means that you need to be original, creative, and unique. For example, if you are a pizza chain, you should create a new logo design. You need to know that customers have specific preferences when it comes to food. 

Therefore, you should try to come up with a logo that has a pizza flavor to it. If you have an event, try to use an element that will help the audience remember it. 

Ideally, audience might be able to make their associations when they see your logo. To help them recall your brand, you should come up with something that will be memorable.


In conclusion, A 3D logo is a great way to show off your creativity and imagination. You can go as far as to create a logo that looks like an actual object. It's the ultimate way to let people know you are a professional company.

You don't need to spend much money on your 3D logo designs. You can make some perfect ones for a fraction of the cost. 

However, you need to put a little bit of thought into it and make sure that you have a clear idea of what you want your 3D logo designs to look like before you start designing them. Here is the list of 7 creative 3D logo design ideas that will stand out from the crowd.

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