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Here are some great examples of 3D text logo solutions that pixellogo has developed to simplify, save time and cost when it comes to your title treatment. These cinematic 3d text treatments could work wonders to logo design, your book cover, video game, movie, marketing material and etc. design possibilities are endless  but to get you started, here are 12 examples to get inspired from.

The best 3d Text Generator are done by professional designers. We specialize in online 3D Text Making. We have over 25 Years of experience in Making 3D text  and 3d text logos,  

3D Text Maker Online - Racing 3D Logo

3D Racing Logo


3D Text Generator -
This is a clean text effect for technology company


cool 3d text generator

This is a 2 tone 3d logo text solution for software companies.


Here is 3 tone Metallic 3D sport logo


Here are few tips before starting.
Selecting the right font
When you consider the font choices, first you must look at your subject, is your project, historic, futuristic, adventurous, political, super natural, cartoonish or whatever the subject matter is, you might want to consider the right typeface to express the feeling, there are tons of free fonts out there and if picking the right font overwhelms you, you can ask pixellogo team to help you with your search and recommendations.
Selecting the right texture and or effect
Selecting the right effect can be a daunting task but the team at pixellogo has simplified this process by showing you some samples to get you started, browse though some of the styles and see which one comes closest to your needs and start from there, maybe all you need is a little color tweaking or type size and adjustment and your are almost there. These effects can also be applied to your logo or and icon if you have one, there might be some additional cost involved.
Considering the final size of the logo
To determine where the logo or title treatment is applied, find out where will the design will be used, since the logo is provided in Photoshop format, it is important to provide this information to your designer beforehand. Whether you use it on a billboard, movie poster, book or on the web, or on all these places it is important to let your designer know the largest size it will be used. The files will be provided to you accordingly.
Price and file formats
Prices start at from $150 and might vary depending on the project and work involved, to get a quote you can contact pixellogo and explain you project and get exact quote and time frame. Turnaround time is usually within 24 hours unless specified differently. All files are provided in Photoshop layer format with transparent background, they can also be provided in JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PSD formats.
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