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Automotive logos or car logos are some of the most recognizable logos in the world. Can you picture the Audi logo in your mind? How about the BMW logo or the Ferrari logo? Most people can because automotive logos have made such an impression on most of us that they have become everlasting and unforgettable.

Most of the popular car logos or automotive logos that we know symbolize class, professionalism, reliability, durability and speed. Some of the most common car logos are abstract while others include some kind of car imagery such as tires, cogs, speedometers, or even racing stripes. Lets have a look at some of the most popular car logos out there today. I think that this is a good exercise for anyone interested in car logos as it gives us all a lot of insight when we are looking to choose an automotive logo of our own. If you are in the market for an automotive logo, please have a careful look over the logos below. Once you have done that, please visit the automotive logos section on pixellogo.com for some affordable and amazing automotive logo options.

Subaru Logo design Subaru Logo design

Subaru’s logo uses a six-star cluster. Why? Subaru is made up of six different companies that merged together to form Fuji Heavy Industries. The blue used in the Subaru logo design represents professionalism, seriousness, integrity, sincerity, authority and success.  The Subaru logo is simple, distinct, and powerful.

Mercedes Benz logo design Mercedes Benz logo design

Interestingly enough, Mercedes Benz also uses stars in their logo. They use three stars in their logo and these three stars are meant to represent their success over “land, sea and air”. The stars used in the Mercedes Benz logo represents prosperity. Again, I like how simple and straight-forward this logo is.

Lamborghini logo Lamborghini logo

The bull used in the Lamborghini logo comes from the founder of the company, Feruccio Lamborghini. He had spent some time with a Spanish bull breeder in Seville and he decided that he wanted to use this astonishing animal as the everlasting symbol for his company. The bull represents strength, royalty and power, all attributes of the Lamborghini cars. The black and gold used in the Lamborghini logo represents power, sophistication and prestige.

Ferrari Logo - classy automotive logo Ferrari Logo - classy automotive logo

Ferrari has arguably the most recognizable logo in the automotive industry. The horse symbol used in their logo stands for power, strength and reliability. The symbol dates all the way back to WW1. Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, saw the prancing horse painted on Italian fighter planes and he decided to use this same symbol as the logo for his company. The Italian flag can be seen at the top of the horse logo. Yellow is used as the main colour in Ferrari’s logo design as yellow is the colour of Modena, the region of Italy from which Enzo Ferrari is from. The Ferrari logo is one of my favourite logo designs.

Audi logo - famous car logos Audi logo - famous car logos

The Audi logo is simple and classic. The name Audi means “listen” in Latin and it’s logo uses four rings. The four ring logo used to be the logo used by the the Auto Union, an association which was made up of the four German car makers Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer. Eventually, the Audi became the Auto Union and incorporated its logo on all of its cars.

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