6 Cool (and Free) Twitter Bird Icons

Free Icons

Need to add a button to your site that links to your Twitter page, but you don't like the design of the original Twitter bird, or maybe it just doesn't fit into your site design? Fear not! There are gaggles of talented designers out there who feel your pain, and who have designed some beautiful, cool and unique Twitter bird icons to fit into almost any site's aesthetic.

Matt Hamm's Twitter Bird
Simple and recognizable, yet totally original. Here's the transparent PNG version.

SpoonGraphics Twitter Birds
spoongraphics twitter birds
We love the basic, cartoonish look of these little guys. Get them for free right here.

Twordle Birds
twordle birds
Typography fans will love these wordy birdies. Grab the PNG for free!

Helvetwitca Typographic Twitter Bird
helvetica twitter bird
Download Helvetwitca Vector Typographic Bird

Black Twitter Bird Icons
When all else fails, remember: Black goes with everything. For Mac. For Windows.

Zwitscha Twitter Bird
twitter bird zwitscha
You can get the free Twitter Bird from Zwitscha right here.

The Twitter logo is synonymous with online communication. Check out some of our amazing communication themed logos on Pixellogo.

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