6 free EBooks for Logo, Graphic and Web Designers


If you haven’t jumped on the EBook train just yet, it’s about time. EBooks have been slowly growing in popularity over the past decade and they are something that every designer should be taking advantage of. EBooks are valuable sources of information that can often be downloaded for free or for a minimal fee.

EBooks offer several advantages over traditional books. One obvious advantage is that eBooks can be downloaded instantly and easily from the comfort of your home. EBooks are also more environmentally friendly and often much cheaper than traditional books as well. You can easily search through eBooks and they are often full of additional online resources that are particularly useful for graphic designers, logo designers and web designers. Lastly, new and upcoming designers just like you often write design eBooks so they are very current, informative and interesting.

Here are 6 great EBooks created specifically for all you logo, graphic and web designers out there. They range in subject matter from typography and logo design to essential design tips and web design advice.

Type Classification eBook

If you are new to design, this is a great introduction book to the world of typography. In this easy to read, 27-page eBook, the author outlines the 10 classifications of type that are the foundation of design. Get it here!

Type classification free ebook Type classification free ebook

Typo Tips

This is a fantastic eBook once you are already familiar with the basic principles of typography. In this eBook, Erik Spiekermann outlines seven important rules for better typography. Get it here!

Typo tips free ebook Typo tips free ebook

Everything there is to know about logo design

Whether you want to design your own logo or whether you just want to be a more informed consumer before investing in a new logo design for your company, this is a great eBook all about logo design. This eBook will teach you all about the basics of logo design including some basic rules, mistakes to avoid, colors and typography. It is available by clicking here.

Everything there is to know about Logo design free eBook Everything there is to know about Logo design free eBook

One thing I know

This eBook is packed full of great advice for other experienced designers. Learn from the best and become better yourself with these useful tips. Available here.

One thing I know free eBook One thing I know free eBook

Designing for the Web

This eBook is an invaluable resource for designers that are new to the web. Outlining the whole process from getting your first clients to layout, color and typography, this eBook will help you get a great handle on and start in this exciting online profession. Enjoy it here.

Designing for the web free eBook Designing for the web free eBook

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

Created by ustwo, this awesome free eBook was first released four years ago. From important tips on how they operate to prototyping and advanced Photoshop tips, this book is an excellent resource of designers. Get their new and updated version today by following this link: http://ustwo.com/ppp/

Pixel Perfect Precision free eBook Pixel Perfect Precision free eBook

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