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Our Friday Free Font giveaways are definitely one of my favourite weekly posts. With coffee in hand and an already ruffled newspaper by my side, I love scouring the web every Friday morning looking for new and interesting typefaces to highlight here. I love typography and it is such a valuable element of design so what better way to thank our readers for following us than by giving you fabulous new and free fonts every week.

Here are 7 excellent free fonts for this week. Remember that you can easily download any of the fonts here by simply clicking on any of the images that correspond to the font that you like below. Add these fonts to your font collection and create something that makes the world a more beautiful place.

01.Base Font Treu Typeface

This is a very interesting and unique headline font created by Fabian Delange. This font is very original and completely different than other more classical headline fonts.

01.Base by Fabian Delange 1

01.Base by Fabian Delange 4

01.Base by Fabian Delange 2

01.Base by Fabian Delange 3

Neu Eichmass Font

This spectacular free font was created by Ivan Khmelevsky. It is a sans-serif font based on the weight 100 grams and it "has a modern, cold and measured feel to it". Drawing on inspiration from stenciled type, the grotesques as well as 1920’s and 30’s constructivism, this font has many uses. It can be used "for street art, for retail purposes suitable for independent shops and street markets, as well  as a headline font and a medium point body text suitable for print."

Neu Eichmass font by Ivan Khmelevsky 1

Neu Eichmass font by Ivan Khmelevsky 2

Neu Eichmass font by Ivan Khmelevsky 4

Neu Eichmass font by Ivan Khmelevsky 3

Neu Eichmass font by Ivan Khmelevsky 5

Alt Lautus Typeface

This wonderful typeface designed by Andreas Leonidou comes in 10 different weights however, only the thin and italic weights are free for download here. This font is great for use in any of your design projects including posters, logos and magazine layouts.

Alt Lautus Typeface by Andreas Leonidou 3

Alt Lautus Typeface by Andreas Leonidou 1

Alt Lautus Typeface by Andreas Leonidou 2

Here is a great promo video for this font as well:

Alt Lautus Typeface from Andreas Leonidou on Vimeo.

Hyperbola Typeface

This sans-serif font designed by Tarin Yuangtrakul was inspired by the mathematical term 'hyperbola'. It is a very graceful headline font with both flowing curves and sharp edges.

Hyperbola by Tarin Yuangtrakul 1

Hyperbola by Tarin Yuangtrakul 2

Hyperbola by Tarin Yuangtrakul 3

Hyperbola by Tarin Yuangtrakul 4

Alt Retro Typeface

This is another great font designed by Andreas Leonidou. It comes in 5 different font weights and you are free to use it in both your personal and commercial work.

Alt Retro font by Andreas Leonidou 1

Alt Retro font by Andreas Leonidou 2



This is a great typeface created by Russian designer, Alexey Frolov. Alexey has created some truly wonderful typefaces including this one below.

Bext typeface by Alexey Frolov


This is a great sans-serif font created by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~. Its use is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license so if you use this font, you must credit the author for his work. You can use this font in any of your personal work however, you may not use it for commercial purposes.

Mobivus by Michel Troy

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