8 Tips for Designing a Better Logo

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Designing the perfect logo for your business may seem easy at first but it is actually quite difficult. There are many details that you must consider when creating a new logo design. Here are 10 tips on how to designing an awesome logo:

Keep it simple

logo is very different from a brand. A logo is a distinct symbol that is used to represent your company. A logo should be easily and instantly recognizable by your clients. It is a symbol and/or wordmark that is uniquely yours and it will be forever associated with your company. A brand is much more than just a logo. A band is your company’s entire identity. A brand includes your logo as well as your tagline, packaging, signage and more. Don’t try to include too much in your logo. Keep it simple and leave the more complex tasks to your branding campaign.

Your logo should entice your clients

A good logo tells your clients a little bit about your company but it doesn’t give it all away. Remember what I just said above, logos are simple whereas branding is more complex. An awesome logo gives your clients a clue that leaves them wanting more.

Two fonts or less.

Often, you may see logo designs out there that incorporate many different types of fonts. This is wrong and it is often very confusing for the viewer. Less is more when you are dealing with fonts and logos. Keep your logo clean and easy to read with minimal font confusion.


Not all logos include wordmarks but if your does, make sure that you chose a nice a legible font to include with your logo symbol.


Your logo design should be unique and noticeable. A great logo will attract the attention of your clients. It should be a symbol that they can see from far away and instantly be able to identify with your company and brand.


A good logo should make a lasting impression and be memorable. Your logo should be so amazing that your clients take notice and never forget.

Consider an abstract logo design

Literal logos are good however an abstract logo can often be even better. An abstract logo is usually more eye-catching, unique and memorable.


Don’t worry about pleasing everyone

We are all full of opinions and the same holds true for logos. Some people will like what you have done while others won’t. It is very important to get a few opinions on your logo design before finalizing every detail but too many opinions can be conflicting and confusing. Go with your gut and the opinions of your most trusted and experienced confidants. Think about what your company stands for and what your clients will most easily identify with.

Here are some examples of awesome logos created by Pixellogo.com


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