Amazing data visualization: where do the norwegians travel to?

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There's a lot of public data floating around that can track down pretty much everything we do, what we buy, where we talk on the phone, where we travel, and so on and on. Part of this data is of public access, but once with all this raw information, what can one do? Well, data visualization has become a huge thing in the design world, and what a challenge that can be: handling tons of information, putting it together and try to translate it into a readable format.

And why is it important? It takes information that people won't necessarily read and makes it approachable, it's visual, it's simple and plus it's really beautiful work. There are tons of these examples, and Even Westvang has some brilliant work in his website. But this time, he collected all the data of where norwegians moved and presented all that info in this amazing video below:


Deluge from even westvang on Vimeo.


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