Amazing findings: carved book landscapes

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Montreal based artist Guy Laramée has some outstanding work both in painting and book carving among other various disciplines and, as he states in his website, his work focuses mainly on the concept of spirituality and the consciousness of being. His pieces are really interesting and if you dig up a bit into his work you can find yourself admiring beautiful, almost ethereal landscapes that can put you in this state of mind he presents through his work.

But this time I'd like to refer to his carved book landscapes which are sort of dug up sculptures he carves from bound books with such amazing detail that can leave you speechless. Whether you know of his conceptual background or not, this breathtaking works of art are an amazing tribute to all landscapes you could imagine. His inspiration varies from wild landscapes (very Lord of the Rings locations look if I might say) to zen gardens and even the Great Wall of China. But enough words, here are the pictures:


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