Apple iPad 2 Release Date Rumors

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Last year, speculation ran high that Apple would announce the next generation iPad as soon as January. That month has past, and there was no big announcement, so now a number of tech spec sites are speculating that Apple might be hosting an event next week to officially debut iOS 4.3, which they believe might also serve as a surprise platform to unveil details about iPad 2.

Historically, Apple tends likes to unveil next-gen iPhone and iPad models in January (and June), but January's big event was all about the current iPhone's availability with a new carrier, Verizon. It's possible that Apple was holding off the iPad 2 until after February 10 when the Verizon iPhone hits shelves.

Most sites agree that a release date would be sometime in March 2011, after a February launch. Rumors about the iPad 2's tech specs include near-field, high-tech cases, and a smaller display.

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