Archie Comics Return to Old School Logo and Cover Design

Logo & Brand review

archie comic redesign

The publisher of Archie comics have decided to make a triumphant return to their classic logo and cover design, bringing happiness and joy to all Archie fans. After many years without the iconic red band on top and more modern look to it. Titles on the new covers will be bigger, bolder, and set against a brightly colored backdrop.

When asked why they were making the change, and company CEO Jon Goldwater said,"starting in May, we’ll be tweaking the look of some of our key titles—and it may look familiar to long-time fans of Archie. Here at Archie, we’re always looking at new ways to push the characters forward, but we’re also very aware of our history and what resonates with old and new readers. This new cover treatment puts the emphasis on the characters and brings back our unique and definitive cover design. It’s really a thing of beauty."

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