Beautiful branding: Common Man

Design & Style

The Common Man is an Australian bar-restaurant in South Wharf that specializes in comfort food and a chill ambiance. Their corporate identity relates to this simple and straightforward attitude that mixes a bold look with little details. Australian designer Josip Kelava was in charge of the branding process, accomplishing a consistent logo and overall look. The patterns created for the stationery and advertising of the restaurant refer to the simple culinary style they work with, that is based on satisfying rustic, hearty meals and a range of local and imported beers fit for a hunger created by a hard days work. A hub of hearty meat pies, pasta and pizza… the staples that have erased hunger in bellies since days of yore.

First logo proposals

Final logo

The interior design of the restaurant also plays a big part in the branding process, as it reflects a part of Melbourne's identity taking elements from the exterior to the interior- creating this urban yet relaxed ambiance. Beautiful work that's worth a look for inspiration.



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