Beautiful Branding: Mora Publishing

Design & Style

Mora Publishing is Hungary’s biggest and oldest youth book editorial and they just got a fresh makeover by Made by Zwoelf. The new corporate identity follows the trend of permutation in logo design, with the creation of a flexible isotype that revolves around the letter M in three colours: red, blue and yellow. The style chosen for the brand matches the spirit of the publishing company, as it is both playful and eye-catching without overdoing it.

The choice of using the three basic colors creates a constant throughout the various versions of the logo, making each one of them unique but maintaining the same structure. The applications of the logo follow the same path with the use of flat color surfaces in overlapping shapes. My favorite feature though is the use of the logo in a simplified one-stroke version, logo that almost looks like a stamp. The simplicity of it makes this brand recognizable and a very distinct identity with the only use of very simple elements.



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