Beautiful Branding: Mylene Poisson

Design & Style

Today we present you a perfect example of low-budget creative design. Part of being a designer means discussing costs and more often than not that turns out to be a conflicting issue. However that is not an excuse to neglect creativity and top notch results; such is the case of the visual identity for Mylene Poisson, created by Montreal based agency Caserne.mylenepoisson_05-890x593

Poisson is a sommelier in need of a distinctive and attractive visual identity but with a tight budget to work with. Creative solutions is what's needed in these cases and the folks at Caserne didn't fall short in that aspect. A very simple solution was given then, the stationery was designed in a very simple and clean style were literally branded with wine, thus creating a connection between her craft and her brand. As you can see in the process' pictures, a glass of wine was used to literally stamp a "wine-mark" onto the printed business cards. This simple idea results in an original approach and also adding a personal touch by being involved with printing each card by hand. Needless to say this project sums up the vision of creative, original and effective design with a low cost process yet with amazing results. A beautiful example of how simple solutions might be the most eloquent ones.

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