Beautiful Branding: Sabadi Modica Chocolate

Design & Style

Italian studio Happycentro was in charge of the corporate identity of the Sabadi Modica Chocolate, an italian brand that follows the slow food philosophy for their products. The overall concept that represents the brand is about the enjoyment of life and simple things and as such they look for the rawest ingredients to keep the traditional craft of chocolate making. They focus their products to be 'eatables with magic inside' and as such, the overall identity was built around this organic feel.

Their line of products consists of six types of chocolate which are all identified by a character, all this in a retro style look with a naive touch. Each product's distinction is focused on the ingredients which are represented by these aforementioned characters. The final result suits the brand well, it has a raw approach to the style but always accompanied with little details that bring all the elements together. Take a look at this work and I'm sure the chocolates taste as good as they look.



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