Beautiful Branding: Sankara

Design & Style

Sankara is a new five star luxury hotel in Nairobi that has a matching corporate identity. Glazer studio was in charge of the branding process and the results are simply beautiful. Taking African inspiration, they created a consistent brand that is also unique. Their intention for the visual projection of the hotel had to be approachable internationally, so taking the African influences literally wasn't their way to go.

Instead they came up with a beautiful solution: from a zebra's lines pattern the brandmark was created. The symbol on its own is already beautiful, combining both elegance and the African spirit. This very symbol was later applied in the rest of the branding elements, either as a background pattern or to make a distinction. The colour palette of the whole brand follows the same direction of upscale elegance and ethnic roots, using a lot of earth tones with dashes of brighter colours.

Needless to say, Sankara sets the bar as far as luxury hotel branding goes, accomplishing a memorable, beautiful and elegant corporate identity.


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