Beautiful branding: SMETS concept store

Logo & Brand review

Brussel based creative studio Coast was in charge of the visual identity of SMETS, a concept store focused on luxury of their different products: food, fashion, design and furniture. For this task they had to bring the brand to a level consistency across all platforms, creating bridges between art, design, fashion and food. The brand needed a cohesive identity, and for that the branding design consisted of everything from customized type and meticulous details both for their print elements and interior design.

In their website you can find the entire design process which is really interesting to look at. The different aspects of each element are put together focusing on the custom-made typeface called SMETS VOID, which is also the guideline for the other graphic details of the store such as symbols used for packaging and stationary which also use vibrant colours. Following the same guidelines they created the identity of SMETS' bar and restaurant, keeping consistency with the general image.


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