Beautiful Branding: The Argonauts

Design & Style

Although being a fictional brand, The Argonauts is the name given to a hotel in San Francisco inspired by the gold rush era that made the city so famous back then. Created by Dawson Beggs, the logo was inspired by the sails of a ship and the golden gate bridge, creating a very simple geometric figure that manages to be memorable while still being trendy. The applications of the logo and the general look of the brand really embodies the elegance and character of the gold hunters, who were once named the Argonauts.

As far as the rest of the elements that compose the corporate identity of the fictional hotel, they are all very sober with the use of gold applications and very fine materials. The brand exudes a sense of elegance but also maintaining a very modern look given by the ornaments that appear on the stationery, a beautiful circle that reminds of a mandala created out of what looks like gold nuggets- a nice detail that references the gold rush era. It's definitely a beautifully executed visual identity- definitely a fictional hotel I'd visit.



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