Beautiful Findings: Shades of Change

Design & Style

Marin Dearie is a New Orleans based artist and designer whose work really caught my attention. Dearie's work follows a fairly minimalistic style based on clean geometrical shapes and the smart use of colors, the latter being the subject matter behind the project called Shades of Change.

As the name suggests, this is an informational installation that features the color palettes that reflect the different hue changes of some very particular cases. The "case studies" vary from the changes produced in elements of nature and pop culture: all of them are an interesting translation of the mutations in every one of them. The presentation is pretty much on point, as it uses very minimal icons to represent the subject and not overshadow the color palette itself- also, every one of them has a short statement underneath that indicates a certain related fact. I particularly love the swatches that represent the color changes of Lil' Kim's hair. Pretty awesome work indeed!


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