Beautiful findings: Stratocam

Design & Style

With GPS and massive Google Maps use we've pretty much taken satellite-images for granted. In the  beginnings, just to get satellite images from the Earth NASA had to take film pictures from the satellites, drop them and catch the films anywhere in between the sky and the Pacific Ocean. Now everything is there, either in your car's GPS or your mobile app for Google Earth for example. But have you really stopped to notice how cool it is that you can see practically the whole world?? That was Paul Radamacher premise, that we take a look and marvel at how beautiful our planet is.

That's how Stratocam was born, a simple website where you con discover different areas and take snapshots of them and share them. It's built on Google Maps API, but the interface has been minimized for full visual experience. There are really awesome pictures, complex sceneries with beautiful textures and colours- I can imagine using them for design projects even. Go take a look at them and discover what other cool places there are that actually look like incredible paintings.

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