Best Apps for Sketching logos, drawing and painting

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Do you love art? Do you love to sketch and draw in your free time? Whether drawing is your hobby or whether you love sketching logos and paint for a living, some great new apps have been released that make it easier for you to practice your favorite form of art every day. Sometimes it is hard to know though which apps are actually any good and which are a complete waste of your time. Below is a short review of some of our favorite iPad apps for Drawing a Logo and painting. Enjoy!

Tayasui Sketches

This iPad App is free and it is an excellent tool for those doodlers out there. It isn’t the most powerful app on the market but it is a great app for those sketching logos out there and even those professionals that need to sketch out something in a hurry. The user experience is excellent and the basic free Tayasui Sketches app comes with a wide variety of fantastic free tools. If you are looking for a more advanced version of this app, consider buying the Pro version that comes with added features such as extra patterns and textures, which you can add to your work.

Bamboo Paper

Created by Wacom, this cool app lets you easily sketch to your hearts content. With easy to use tools, this app also comes with a neat notebook feature that lets you organize your artwork into notebooks. It is a great tool for doodling and sketching logos on the go.


If charcoal is your sketching tool of choice, this app is the perfect logo sketching app for you. Available for $3.99, this excellent iPad app is very fun to use. Unlike some of the other drawing iPad apps out there, this one uses intuitive multi-touch gestures to help you more easily get down to the task at hand and just draw.

Sketchbook Pro

If you are looking for an iPad drawing and painting app that is more advanced, Sketchbook Pro is a fantastic choice. This iPad app is great for all of you professionals out there as it is very strong, powerful and flexible. This app includes many professional-level drawing and painting tools and its pressure-sensitive controls really allow you to create the original pieces of art that you are used to. Best of all, any of the work done with this app can be exported as layered Photoshop files making it even easier to tailor and adapt your art as need be in the future.



This is another awesome iPad app for all those artists out there that need a more advanced tool for their projects. Most popular for drawing and painting, this iPad app is very powerful and accurate. This state-of-the-art iPad app allows you to create striking artwork anywhere from your lap.

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