Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone & iPad: Music & Video

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Here is a list of some amazing entertainment apps out there for your iPhone and iPad. These apps are great ways for you to keep up with all your favorite movies and TV shows as well as being great tools for discovering new music.

Netflix App Icon

Are you a Netflix member already? If you are and you don’t have this app yet, what are you waiting for? Add this app to your iPhone or iPad and now, you can watch your movies on the go. If you aren’t a Netflix member yet, for only $8.99 a month, you can download this app and thousands of movies and TV Shows are instantly available to you for your streaming pleasure.



Soundcloud app icon

This is an awesome free app for learning about and sharing music. With this app, you can follow both professional and amateur musicians and listen to all of the most recent music that they are releasing. If you are a musician yourself, this app is even more fantastic as it allows you to upload your personal creations and share them with the world. So, what are you waiting for? Fame could be just a few clicks away!



IMDb Icon for iPhone app

Personally, I use this app all the time. I hate watching bad movies and this app is a great way to find out about movies before you waste your time watching them. IMDB has ratings, reviews, trailers and tons of other movie related info that it takes all the guessing out of your movie selection process.




spotify icon for iphone and ipad app

This monthly subscription app is well worth the investment if you are an avid music fan. The Spotify app gives you unlimited access to millions of songs that you can stream, make playlists with and even share with your friends.





SoundHound icon for iPhone and iPad app

Have you ever used the Shazaam app? The SoundHound app is quite similar with new and added features that make it that much better. Don’t know what that song is that is playing on the radio? Simply point your iPhone or iPad at the radio and BOOM! Within seconds, SoundHound has your answer. What makes SoundHound so great is that once it has matched the song, you can instantly buy it on iTunes, listen to it on Spotify or launch any related music videos on YouTube. Best of all tho, SoundHound can also identify songs that you sing or hum. Can you believe it? You no longer have to be pestered by your roommate when they have a song stuck in their head for days yet they can’t seem to remember its name or who sings it. Awesome!


BBC iPlayer Icon for iPhone and iPad

BBC iPlayer
If you love the BBC or you often miss your favorite TV shows, this is the perfect app for you. The BBC iPlayer lets both iPhone and iPad users catch up on all their missed TV watching for the past week as well as all of their favorite BBC TV shows.




Rdio icon for iPhone and iPad app

Rdio is another great music app that lets you explore new music. With over 20 million tracks to play, you can discover new music instantly and from wherever you are. You can also create start stations based on a song, artist or genre and relax while Rdio does all the work of creating a playlist for you.




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