Best Photography Apps for iPhone in 2014

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It seems like everyone is a photographer these days because of all the great photography iPhone apps available to every iPhone owner. There are tons of really cool apps that allow you to manipulate and play with your photos. Here is a list of what we think are the best photography apps for iPhone in 2014:

This awesome iPhone app is equipped with some powerful filters and photo editing tools that let you turn your ordinary photos into works of art. It also has its own social network so you can share your photos instantly with your peers and even create your own profile where others can follow along.

VSCO cam iphone app

This is likely by far the most popular photography app available on the iPhone. I feel like all of my friends has this app and they actually use it all the time. On their iTunes website it says “Over 200 million users love Instagram!” and I can easily believe it. Instagram makes it easy for everyone to become a photographer as you can instantly capture photos and share them on the fly. Complete with some gorgeous filters this fantastic iPhone app has become a world sensation.

Instagram iPhone app

Adobe Photoshop Touch
If you are already a regular Photoshop user, this will likely be your go-to photography app. This fabulous iPhone app puts the power of Photoshop into the palm of your hand. You have to pay a little bit for this app but it comes with some effects and filters that aren’t available with any other iPhone apps. This app is not only great for photos but it can also be used to touch up logos and business cards.

Adobe Photoshop Touch iphone app

Have you always wanted to be able to add messages and other text on top of your photos? With PicLab, now you can. PicLab comes with a wide variety of fonts and shapes that you can easily add to your photos. Adding words to your pictures has never been easier.

PicLab iPhone app

DMD Panorama
Depending on where you are or what you are doing, it is often nice to have an option to capture a panoramic photo. This app allows you to take advantage of those moments and to easily share them with all your friends.

DMD-Panorama iphone app

Grid Lens
Grid Lens is a unique iPhone app because it lets you stitch a photo series into a single shot. This app is amazing for those of us that want to create a story sequence with one simple photo. It even lets you add stickers and captions to your photos allowing each user to get creative and have fun.

Grid Lens iPhone app

This iPhone app is excellent and the pictures that you can take with it are amazing. What’s it so good? Its Clarity function. This feature alone makes this app worth it as it takes your ordinary photos and instantly turns them into detailed and stunning photos.

Camera+ iphone app

Perhaps not the most powerful photo editing app but a good app none the less is the Flickr app. Perfect for those already on Flickr, this iPhone app allows you to capture, edit and share both your photos and videos. Personally, I like it because it allows me to save and backup all of my photos in one place.

Flickr iphone app

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