Cartography Love: San Francisco's Literary Map

Design & Style

Typographic maps might just be the next big thing in cartography trends. The combination of words that are combined to create a representation of geographical surface really adds to the complexity and attractiveness of a beautifully designed map. Under this premise, artist Ian Huebert created an amazing Literary Map of the city of San Francisco. It is entirely constructed from literary quotes related to the city, referring to the artistic spirit this Californian metropolis is known for. The collection of quotes was recollected by book editor John McMurtrie, in the hopes of paying tribute to all the authors that have written about San Francisco.

Huebert arranged the quotes accordingly to each neighborhood, creating a fluent looking display of type that accomodates to each area. The overall composition makes for a complex looking map that you want to discover through references instead of geographical location. The map is actually available as a wooden jigsaw puzzle, how much fun is that!



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