Cool Findings: Stitched Illustrations

Design & Style

Peter Crawley is a product designer residing in the UK and the man behind these beautiful artworks that merge both craft and good design. His pieces are a great example of how simple things can create stunning results, such as his stitched illustrations. They're created by hand piercing various stocks of paper with a pin and then stitching the paper with a needle and cotton thread, thus creating patterns out of thin lines combined in different ways.

Most of his pieces focus on typographic work, like posters or lettering illustration. There's this special character about the use of thread that creates a lightness to the design, like delicate pencil strokes that are cutting through the paper. On the other hand, the use of thread also adds another dimension to the graphic work, as it can also be used not for "drawing" but for filling the space- that's how the materiality of the technique shows through and brings something new and special to the table. Pretty awesome work indeed!


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