Create an Abstract Background Design with this Photoshop Tutorial


Today, I am going to show you how to create a beautiful and simple background design in Photoshop. This is a beginners Photoshop tutorial that will teach you all about the wonderful potential of the Distort Filter. You can use this type of background design on your website as well as on your business cards and even your poster art. Have fun!

Here is the abstract background design that we are going to create:

Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorial Final

Step 1: Setting our stage

Open a new Photoshop document that is 1000px by 1000px. Select the Gradient Tool and draw out a white to black gradient on the stage. It should look like this:

Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorial Gradient

Step 2: The Distort Filter

Go to Filter ->Distort -> Wave. Use the default values except change the Type to Square.

Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorial Wave

Go to Filter -> Distort -> Polar Coordinates. Use the default values and press OK.

Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorial Polar Coordinates

This is what you should have now:

Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorial Step 1 Final

Step 3: A New Twisted Layer

Duplicate the layer that you have created in Step 2. Change this layers Blending Mode to Overlay. Go to Edit -> Transform -> Rotate 90 CW.  Next, go to Filter -> Distort -> Twirl and set the angle to 138.

Abstract Background Photoshop Tutorial Twirl

Next, go to Layer -> Merge Visible. You will now only have one layer in your layers palette.

Step 4: Let's add some colour

Create a new blank layer. Change this layers Blending Mode to Overlay. Select the Gradient Tool and draw out any coloured gradient on the stage that you like. I used one of the default rainbow gradients that comes with Photoshop. Adjust this layers Opacity as needed et voila.

Follow this Video Tutorial

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