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Logo & Brand review

The hair salon industry is a fierce and highly competitive market. New hair salons open up every year with the hope of becoming the next big hip and trendy salon to dominate the market. Having a clearly differentiated, distinctive and alluring logo design and brand identity clearly distinguishes one salon from another and can give a new hair salon that necessary edge that it needs over its competition.

Miller & Green is an upscale hair salon in Sydney, Australia that is unique, modern and sassy. Understanding the importance of branding, Miller & Green asked Landor, a highly respected and reputable communication agency, to create their logo and brand identity. They wanted their new logo design to reflect both their fresh and dynamic personality as well as their dedication to their craft and their stylists pursuit of excellence.

Landor’s creative director, Jason Little, and designers Pan Yamboonruang and Angela McCarthy came up with something that I think is absolutely stunning, clever, engaging and a great example of excellence in graphic design.

Miller & Green business card design

Miller & Green print material

Miller & Green bag

Miller & Green signage

This distinctive logo design cunningly plays on the ‘M’ and ‘G’ initials in the Miller & Green name. Culminating in a symbol of the infamous, every day hairdresser’s tool ‘the scissors’, I think that this is an absolutely fantastic logo design for this hair salon. It is simple, memorable and instantly recognizable, all of which are definitive qualities in a good logo design. The logo is interesting, appealing and engaging. It is distinctive, modern, sleek and smart. I think that it clearly helps the salon stand out from its competition and hopefully will also contribute to the salons growing success and popularity. The lime green and dark brown contrasting colour combination also gives the logo design a sophisticated yet fun flavour.

Do you like this logo design? Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

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