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Our surroundings undeniably influence us every day. Whether subtly or not, our office environment in particular, has a great impact on our mood, productivity and overall job performance. In today’s modern world, designers, employers and employees are starting to realize the importance of our office environments and are moving away from the autonomous, uninspiring and closed office spaces of the past. Large companies such as Google and Pixar are leading a movement towards more creative and inspiring office designs that are changing the world in which we work.  Designers are now becoming increasingly adventurous when designing office spaces and previously ignored spaces are becoming integral parts in office redesigns. Designers are experimenting more and more, adding colours, lights, patterns and interactivity to our office spaces that stimulate our minds, activate our creativity and inspire us.

Below are 4 amazing office spaces that I found on this week on the web.

Google Zurich

The recently opened Google offices in Zurich are a perfect example of the new generation of office spaces. Designed by the architecture and design firm, Camenzind Evolution, the new Google office design was created after lengthy employee interviews and psychological research as to what were the exact needs of the Google employees. The result is a stunning seven storey, 12,000 square foot masterpiece.

The Google Zurich office is highly functional, flexible, unique and stimulating. Each floor of the Google building has a different theme. For example, the fourth floor is the environmental, green floor. Its communal spaces include large cocoon-like meeting areas lost in a forest of trees. The third floor was designed after Switzerland. On this floor, the communal areas include ski gondolas and igloos. What the Google and Camenzind Evolution teams have achieved together is truly remarkable.

Google Office 1

Google Office 2

Google Office 3

Google Office 4

Google Office 5

Escada Head Office – Munich

The Escada Head office design reeks of class. This sleek, modern and ultra-stylish design perfectly mimics the image of this world famous fashion house.  The likes of an extravagant jewelry case, this 2,000 square-meter office space was designed by Carbondale, a Parisian architecture studio.

Escada Office 1

Escada Office 2

Escada Office 3

The TBWA Hakuhodo office

TBWA Hakuhodo teamed up with the Klein Dytham Architecture firm to create this magnificent, fun and warm office space. Employees are encouraged to relax in open, grass-lined communal spaces while a bowling alley, a golf driving range and other entertainment facilities are located in the same building, above and below the TBWA Hakuhodo office itself. Wanting to convey to their clients an image of innovation and creativity, the TBWA Hakuhodo office impresses visitors and has become one of Tokyo’s most desirable office spaces.

TBWA Hakuhodo Offices 1

TBWA Hakuhodo Offices 2

Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou Office

Designed by M Moser and Associates, the Ogilvy and Mather Guangzhou office looks like a scene out of a child’s fantasy.  Its carnival themed offices, delight workers and inspire creativity. Unlike any other office in China, the Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou executives hope that their new office design will encourage employee job satisfaction and further their business goals.

Ogilvy & Mather Offices 1

Ogilvy & Mather Offices 2

Ogilvy & Mather Offices 3

Personally, I like the Google Zurich office the best.

Where would you like to work?

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