Design classics: Vintage swedish book covers


In the midst of current logo and design trends, geometrical shapes and patterns are a huge hit. Therefore it's good to take a look back at the trendsetters of cool patterns, such as these beautiful swedish book covers from the 50's and 60's.

Some of these patterns can be considered as inspiration for contemporary designs, some of them very geometrically minimalistic. I can't help to think about the updated movie posters for minimalists, which in some way, relate to the aforementioned covers. The long tradition of swedish design proves once again that even older pieces can still be considered as modern design, or more appropriately, tiemeless design. Some more stunning vintage covers can also be found here.

Vintage swedish covers:

Alexander Klein - Maskerad agent

De fördömdas legion

Irwin Shaw - Stormvarning

Gösta Gustaf-Jansson - Över onda och goda

Some minimalistic movie posters:

De fördömdas legion

Minimal movie poster


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