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Going green is not only a great business decision, its also more popular than ever to make sustainability part of your business mission statement. More eco-related businesses are started every year, which means "green" is where its at, and any good eco-friendly company should have a logo that matches its mandate!

When it comes to eco-minded logo design, its likely that the first thing that comes to your mind is the color green. Using that, a good logo designer will often use that instinctual color palate, and also incorporate a simple element of nature, like a flower or tree. Using a green theme in a logo is one thing, but then also using design elements to make it interesting and meaningful while retaining an organic feel is crucial. The logos that are featured below are excellent examples meant to inspire the environmentalist in you!. Check out Pixellogo's selection of green, eco-friendly logos.

be leaf logo
down to earth logo
eco cities logo

eco logo film

green cargo logo
leaf tree logo
naturvino logo
project hope logo

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