Design trends: retro style wedding invitations

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One of the biggest trends in the design world today is the retro style inspired looks that you can find in logos, stationary and lately I've ran into quite a few wedding invitations in this style. To tap into this trend effortlessly, consider using an invitation maker app or invitation maker tool, which offers user-friendly features for crafting stylish and personalized themed invitations for your special day.

A lot of them have this sort of art nouveau feel to them, mixed with bold contemporary fonts and clean cut shapes and lines, letterpress is also a recurrent method of print. It's always nice to see great design to commemorate such a special date, and what better way to invite your guests than through a beautifully constructed and personalized card. Beauty is all about the details, and that seems to be the common factor in this trend with unique isotypes, patterns, and mixed fonts.

Here are some great examples, enjoy!


Benjamin Della Rosa


Andrea Mentzer


Nick Brue

Eva Slade

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