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Script fonts are so beautiful. They are my favourite font type because they are so simple, ornate and elegant. Paired with a lovely sans-serif font, script fonts really add a nice contrast and that special pop to your design.

There are some really spectacular script fonts that come with every computer. Edwardian Script and Bickham Script, for example, are both fabulous script fonts that can add an incredible accent to your design. Sometimes however, you may want to add something more distinct to your design. Here are a few other wonderful script fonts that you can download on our blog for free. Take a minute to indulge your design desires and savour these fantastic script fonts!

Sedona Script

This gorgeous script font is from Casady & Greene.
Sedona Script free download


Created by Pablo Impallari, this beautiful script font is equipped with 79 subtle ligatures and 37 terminal forms.
lobster script font


Scriptina is a wonderful font created by Apostrophic Labs.

scriptina free font download

Brock Script

Brock Script is a beautifully ornate and decorative font created by Dieter Steffmann.

Brock script free for download

League Script #1

This font was created by Haley Fiege and created for the League of Moveable Type. "League Script #1 is a modern, coquettish script font that sits somewhere between your high school girlfriend’s love notes and handwritten letters from the ’20s."

league script #1 free download


This is an elegant script font created by David Rakowski.

rechtman free font download

Phoenix Script

This is another great script font by Casady & Greene.

Phoenix Script free font download

Quigley Wiggly

This is a very delightful font created by

Quigley Wigley free font download

Honey Script

This lovely font was created by Diogene. The font includes the standard numbers and letters as well as symbols and accent letters.

Honey Script free font download

Chopin Script

This is another dazzling font created by Diogene. It is an elegant and graceful font that is easy to read. Chopin Script is great for headlines as well as invitations, awards and other design projects that require a highly legible script font.

chopin script free font download

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