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Christmas is 2 days away and in the spirit of giving, I am releasing this weeks free font downloads a day early. Download any of the wonderful free fonts available here by simply clicking on any of the corresponding images below. Have fun with these typefaces and please feel free to share any of the work that you create with these typefaces by posting a link in the comment section below. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hydroplane Typeface

John Skelton is an amazing type designer that I have featured quite a few times here on our blog. This hydroplane typeface is another one of his fabulous type creations that is both bold and upright. This font is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Hydroplane free font download 1

Hydroplane free font download 2

Hydroplane free font download 3

Hydroplane free font download 4


Giro is a great font for logos, headlines and business cards. It was created by Marcelo Magalhães and it is licensed under the Creative Commons License Deed Atribuição 2.5 Brasil license.

Giro free font download 1

Giro free font download 2


Folk is another great typeface created by Marcelo Magalhães. It is a handmade style font family that is made up of four different typefaces (Solid, Shadow, Outline & Sketches). It too is licensed under the Creative Commons License Deed Atribuição 2.5 Brasil license.

Folk free font download 1

Folk free font download 2

Folk free font download 3

Folk free font download 4

Folk free font download 5


This typeface was created as a personal project by Alessio Avventuroso and it is free for both Mac and PC. You can use it for "print, brand identity, posters, invites, t-shirt, motion-graphic" and it is perfect for both book titles and magazine headlines. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Coldi Free Font Download 1

Coldi Free Font Download 2

Coldi Free Font Download 3


I think that this font is gorgeous. It is a very sleek, thin and modern sans-serif typeface that was designed by Matt McInerney.

raleway free font download 1

raleway free font download 2

raleway free font download 3

League Gothic

League Gothic was made by The League of Moveable Type and it is based on the classic typeface Alternate Gothic No.1.

league gothic free font dwonload


Aldo is a "bold stylized typeface re-worked from the original 1970′s movie poster The Battle For The Planet Of The Apes". It was created by Jonathan Hill and it can be used for all sorts of different design projects including print and web design.

aldo free font download

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