Editorial wishlist: Moleskine architect's notebooks

Design Editorial

Moleskine has been launching special editions for their notebooks for quite some time now. This time they've gone in a different direction transforming their iconic notebooks into edited versions of contemporary figures in the architecture world. Each version contains the original sketches and notes from Zaha HadidGiancarlo De CarloBolles+Wilson and Alberto Kalach, content that allows us to see their creation processes and how they can register their thoughts. The main focus of this editions are concentrated in the hand drawn sketches and the craft that is needed in the initial phase of any creative project. Each volume presents a different perspective of the design world. Sketches, scribbles, watercolors and personal notes from each designer are included.  The Moleskine's iconic craftsmanship is maintained for these notebooks just this time to showcase the behind the scenes of the architectural thinking. Definitely in my wish list!


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