Ford Sues Ferrari for Logo Trademark Infringement


Ford Motor Company is suing Ferrari for trademark infringement. The suit was filed in Detroit federal court today.This is happening because Ferrari has named their 2011 Formula One racing car the F150. Ford claims that the Ferrari logo bears too close a resemblance to Ford’s F-150 pick-up logo. Ferrari’s counters that their name, F150, is not hyphenated, as it is on the F-150 Pickup. According to The Detroit News, "Ford has used the F-150 name on its flagship, full-size pickup trucks since the 1975 model year." Ferrari’ is saying that they chose the name in honor of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

ferrari f150 logo ford
ford f150 logo

Ford wants Ferrari to completely stop using the name F150. They are also seeking damages under an anti-cybersquatting provision of the Consumer Protection Act.

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