Free Business Card Set for Download

Here is a simple step by step tutorial on how to create a faux metallic effect for a business card created in Photoshop.

Here is a FREE SAMPLE to download, click here to download.

1: Open a new file, and set the sizes like shown above. Business cards actual size is 3.50″ x 2″ but its important to leave an additional 1/8 or .125 inch all around for bleed.
2: Create a new Layer.
3: Fill layer with grey, any percentage would do. This is 50% black.
4: from the top menu, go to filter, scroll down to Noise and select, make sure Monochromatic is selected, to have no color uniform noise in there, like shown above, click ok.
5: From the top menu go to filter, scroll down to blur and select Motion Blur, make sure angle is set to zero, and distance around 100 pixels, you will see the edges have more sharpness, we will fix that in the next step.
6: To get rid of the sharp edges try stretching your layer by using scale tool, stretch horizontally until the sharp edges disappear.
7: Select Gradient Overlay from your FX menu, located at the bottom of the layer window.
8: Create a gradient like shown and try blend mode at “Hard Light”, adjust opacity to your liking and try different angles to find your perfect angle.
9: Click ok, and see if you are happy with your metallic effect so far.
10: Add your Text. In this design we have used the font Brink, available at The color of the text is set at 65% black, of course these are just suggestions you can try different colors to your liking.
11: Set your type transparency to Linear Light, make sure to try other effects to see what works best for you.

12: Select Bevel & Emboss from your FX menu at the bottom.
13: Try our setting first to see if it works for your text, keep in mind that different fonts with different weights will need to be adjusted to your taste and the result you are trying to achieve.

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