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Free Fonts

Typography is a very beautiful and inspiring craft. It is an art to be mastered and an important element in design. To be a good designer, you have to love type, you have to understand type and you have to be willing to dive head first into this vast world and slowly peel away at its mysterious hidden layers.

The fonts that you choose to use can easily make or break your designs. Imagine spending hours on a design, having it almost perfect and then, carelessly adding a typeface that instantly devalues the impact of your work? This is every designers nightmare and most of us avoid this dreadful fate by amassing quite an extensive font collections over the years. Today, I want to help you do just that. I want to help you avoid the perils of misused fonts by introducing you to some amazing and free fonts available to you on the wonderful world of the internet.

St. Marie

This font can be used for print and online applications. It is available in St. Marie Thin and Thin Web.

St. Marie font

St. Marie font 2


This beautiful font was designed by James Daniel Milligan.


Code Free

This font can be used for web, print and motion graphics. It is great for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos.

code free font

code free font 2


This is another amazing free font that can be used in your headlines, on t-shirts and posters.




Designed by Simon Carrasco, John Stuart and  Kevin Yeun Kit Lo, Paranoid is a great bold and geometric typeface.

Paranoid 1

Paranoid 2

VAL Stencil

A great font created by Fontfabric that could really spice up your headlines.

VAL Stencil 1

VAL Stencil 2

Tribon 'Layered' Font

This is a ribbon style font created by Dominic Le-Hair.

tribbon layered font

PT Sans

This is a great sans serif typeface designed by Paratype.

PT Sans

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